Young people reflect on the CPSU conference

Last updated: 24 Oct 2016 Topics: Safeguarding children Working with our partners Type: News article
girls playing netball

We reached out to some of the young people involved in the CPSU's 15-year anniversary conference to ask them about their experiences of the day.

Below, we hear from representatives of the ASA Youth Forum and the FA National Game Youth Council, who facilitated workshops at the 2016 CPSU conference

Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Youth Forum

Sharing the ASA Youth Forum's experience of running a workshop on the use of social media, Steph Matthews, volunteer engagement officer, said: 

"The CPSU conference provided excellent opportunities to share some of the great work young people are currently doing within the ASA. Our Youth Forum members, Oliver, Toby and Katie thoroughly enjoyed having an opportunity to deliver a workshop session on the topic of social media, something which is taking more and more of a central stage in young people’s lives."

Oliver Hooper, chair of the ASA Youth Forum, added:

"It was a fantastic opportunity to present at the CPSU conference. It enabled us to share some of the positive work of the ASA National Youth Forum. It was also an opportunity to learn more about the great work being done by the CPSU, NGBs and other sport organisations. I was particularly pleased that engaging with young people on matters that affect them, took a prominent position across the whole conference.”

Football Association (FA) National Game Youth Council

Talking about her experiences of young people’s involvement at the event, Sarah Nickless, a representative of the FA National Game Youth Council, said:

"The importance of sport in the lives of young people should never be underestimated. This was celebrated at the NSPCC conference, commemorating 15 years of the CPSU. Young people led and delivered the event and workshops and shared their personal journeys of how sport has helped them.

"It was inspiring to hear and see those young people wanting to influence NGBs, CSPs and other leading sports organisations to continue to pave a way for young people to enjoy and grow through sport – as a tool, an opportunity, a life saver.

"The workshop delivered by the NSPCC Youth Advisory Group and FA National Game Youth Council showed how, by working collaboratively and putting young people at the heart of decision-making, we can have a huge impact in challenging and changing how sport is run – simply by listening to our stakeholders.

"I came away inspired to continue to empower young people to influence change. I hope others left feeling the same."