Parents in Sport Week 2017

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Parents in Sport Week 2017
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Parents in Sport Week takes place from 2 to 8 October 2017.

The focus this year continues to be on highlighting the valuable role parents play – and the positive influence they have – in ensuring young people develop to their full potential and enjoy their time playing sport.

To help you get involved in the week and show your support for parents, we've developed a range of resources which you can download and use to promote parental involvement in sport. 

Aims of Parents in Sport Week

We encourage sports organisations and clubs to recognise and promote the positive and important role parents play in helping children reach their full potential. To do this, they can:

  • work with parents to reflect on the demands they’re encountering and then identify strategies to manage those demands
  • encourage sports clubs and coaches to take time to show they value parents, want parental input and are grateful for what parents can do

Parents play a pivotal role in sport and young people depend on their support and encouragement.

Ways to engage parents

In the run-up to Parents in Sport Week 2016, we listed 5 ways to get involved and promote the event in your club or organisation. Many of these ideas can also be used throughout the year to engage parents.

  • hold seminars for club welfare officers – focus on how to positively engage with parents using information from our Parents in sport resources page
  • show parents our My Magic Sports Kit video – you could even develop your own sport-specific version
  • run a Parents in Sport Week poster competition – encourage young people to design posters, and use the winning poster to promote the week
  • produce sport-specific NGB-branded certificates for clubs that sign up to support Parents in Sport Week
  • set up an information session for parents on training plans and how parents can support their child’s learning

You may have your own innovative ways to promote Parents in Sport Week. If you do, please let us know at

Ways to get involved

Ways to get involved

There's so many ways to get involved in Parents in Sport Week – we encourage you to be creative and celebrate parental involvement in sport before and during the week.

To get you started, we've got some suggestions for the week and a range of resources you can use in your organisation:

You may have your own innovative ways to promote Parents in Sport Week. If you do, please let us know at

Certificate of support

Certificate of support

Download your certificate of support for the Parents in Sport Week campaign.

You can choose to insert your organisation’s name, if you wish, or print out a non-personalised certificate:

If your club or organisation has a Twitter account and you’d like to be celebrated as an organisation supporting the campaign in partnership with the CPSU, please email your Twitter address to

It would be great if you can also forward any activities you plan to get involved in or are aware that your clubs are doing, so we can promote these via our own Twitter account.

Don't forget to follow us @TheCPSU and please use the hashtag #sportsparents to help promote the week.