Active Norfolk are training for the future

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Active Norfolk tells us about their delivery of the multi-sport Time to Listen (TTL) training, and their plans to provide further support to welfare officers in their area.

Jun 13 2016

Club Matters – supporting your sports club

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Club Matters is Sport England's one-stop shop for sports clubs. It provides free, convenient, practical resources to help develop and sustain sports clubs.

Feb 08 2016

Tackling mental health in and through sport

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The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation was developed with the support of mental health charity Mind. The CPSU was one of the first organisations to sign up to commit to action.

Dec 17 2015

Safeguarding the child athlete in sport

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The new review, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, aims to (1) present a summary of the scientific literature on the threats to children in sport; (2) introduce a framework to categorise these threats; (3) identify research gaps in the field and (4) provide safeguarding recommendations for sport organisations.

Jun 19 2015