Childline talks to young people about sport

Last updated: 16 Aug 2016 Topics: Working with our partners Safeguarding children Type: News article
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Childline is reaching out to young people through Facebook and YouTube on the subject of sports. We've been talking about the benefits of getting active, building confidence in your ability and tackling homophobia, racism and other issues.

Take a look at the videos on Childline's YouTube channel and please share them with your contacts:

Finding the sport for you

(featuring Lizzy Yarnold, Matt Bennett and Callum Powell)

Lizzy, Matt and Calum talk about how you can get involved in sports that you may not be taught in school. Lizzy is an Olympic skeleton racer, Matt is a rower for Team Essence, and Callum is a free runner for Storror.

Help! I hate P E

(featuring Ben Brown)

YouTube vlogger Ben talks to us about how to tackle worries young people may have around sport, including body image, confidence and bullying.

Disability in sport

(featuring Ade Adepitan)

Ade talks about the benefits of sport and how you can get involved if you have a disability. 

Further information

Also on Childline's YouTube channel, you can find previous sports-themed videos featuring Alan Shearer, Danielle Waterman and Scola Dondo.