Young people's voices in sport – insights from the UEFA project

Last updated: 13 Apr 2017 Topics: Safeguarding children Working with our partners Type: News article
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In 2014, the NSPCC was awarded funding from the UEFA Children’s Foundation Award. As we approach the end of the final year of the award, we reflect on what's been achieved and the legacy of this award. 


This third and final year has seen some key activities across NSPCC to raise awareness of child protection in sport and significant work to include the voice of young people in sport.

Childline’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels raised awareness about safeguarding at the time of the 2016 Olympics, including the popular Facebook post “There’s no link between the sport somebody likes and their sexuality. What can we do to challenge sexuality stereotypes in sport?” and the YouTube video Disability in Sport ft. Ade Adepitan

Our 15 year anniversary conference in 2016 was a key milestone for the CPSU but also provided a chance to look ahead to future opportunities to improve safeguarding and address new challenges. The day was influenced and hosted by young people and saw the launch of the NSPCC’s new report, Children and young people in sport – getting help.

The report explored where children and young people might go for help and what support they would be looking for.  It led to a number of recommendations, which were considered by the NSPCC and the multi-agency Sport Safeguarding Partnership to help develop their future plans.

New developments

The children and young people’s participation e-learning resource, which had an initial reveal at the CPSU conference, is now complete. It's about to be distributed with the support of the FA, with whom NSPCC has worked closely for the duration of the UEFA funded work. 

The NSPCC Schools Service has been developing information to share with parents and children around online safety and held a webinar with sports coach UK in March 2017 on this topic. There are plans to disseminate this information more widely across sport over the coming few months, with the support of the CPSU.

And while the CPSU has and will continue to support sports organisations to safeguard children, this has been strengthened by additional NSPCC resource to disseminate information across the NSPCC, Childline and CPSU websites and raise the profile of sport for all resources available for children.