Change Makers - The life and work of Celia Brackenridge

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Change Makers

Anne Tiivas, Director of CPSU, attended the launch event for Women and sport: The ChangeMakers website and tells us more about Celia’s life and work for women in sport. 

About the website

Women and Sport: The ChangeMakers was developed and launched by the Anita White Foundation and Chichester University.

The website summarises Celia Brackenridge’s achievements as a top sportswoman and the founder of the Women’s Sport Foundation (UK). It encompasses the life and work of Celia to make it accessible to other scholars and activists within sport, who have an interest in women, sport and social change.

Focus of the website

A wealth of information is accessible via the website and its focus is to inspire future female leaders within sport. Celia’s dedication to child protection in sport is shown through her commitment and work with Women’s sport foundations, such as Womensport International and Safe Sport International, as well as her national advocacy of child protection in sport and international influence within sport.

Celia has also conducted and produced an extensive body of research, which has influenced policy within sport on gender equality and child protection in sport. This research has provided a strong evidence base to influence advocacy and change within sport.

Director of CPSU, Anne Tiivas, attended the launch event and tells us more about Celia’s life and work for women in sport.

"Without Celia’s commitment to athlete protection, The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) may never have come into being. She has been an inspiration and a source of constant challenge for all of us to tackle abuses of power and trust in sport.

She chaired the initial NSPCC CPSU Research and Evidence Group in England and later led the establishment of the Brunel International Research Network for Athlete Welfare.

In 2014, we collaborated on the development of the Safe Sport International Declaration of Principles, which we believe should underpin delivery of sport for everyone.

Many of you will know that Celia has been extremely ill in the last year but she is determined to leave a legacy of her life’s work to ensure that the action we take to protect athletes in the future is based on evidence, research and a commitment to athlete centred principles.  

This new website is a hugely important resource to draw on and I would encourage everyone who has an interest in this subject and its history to be familiar with it."

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