Parents in Sport Week success

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Parents in Sport Week success
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Parents in Sport Week, co-ordinated by the CPSU, took place 2 – 8 October 2017 and saw hundreds of sports organisations sign-up to show their support.

We spread the word about the Parents in Sport Week campaign, which highlights the important role parent’s play in youth sport and gained support from a number of high-profile sports people and celebrities such as former England defender Graeme Le Saux and ex- Manchester City & Spurs player Paul Stewart who we caught up with at the FA annual conference.

Support flooded in on social media too, with a number of celebrities sharing why parents have been so fundamental in their success. Former England footballer Alan Shearer, BT Sport presenter Lynsey Hipgrave and Olympic Medallist gymnast Beth Tweedle were among those who shared their stories.

As part of the event, we encouraged sports organisations to do something with parents to engage them in the life of the sport and show them why their involvement is so important to their children. Take a look at some of the things they got up to during the week.

Parents jump to it

A British Gymnastics club, Big Jumps Trampolining invited parents along to their children’s sessions to see first-hand all the hard work they put in on a weekly basis and encouraged children to coach their parents during the session.

Helen Murphy, Safeguarding & Compliance Officer for British Gymnastics said:

“We hope they can coach and show their parents or carers that it’s not as easy as it looks and that encouragement is always good, as well as them just having a go at a session.”

A new record for parental involvement

Table Tennis Ulster held a social event for the whole family to enjoy, including laying on some food and inviting parents, young athletes and a number of celebrity players, including Dame Mary Peters, Pete Snodden and Mark Sidebottom.

The night was an important one for the sport too as at the event they set a new world record for the most consecutive opponents in a table tennis rally, beating a previous record of 108, Head Coach of Ormeau TTC, Keith Knox stretched the record to 112.

Support for Tennis parents

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) supported Parents in Sport Week by promoting their Parent Support Programme. The LTA have worked closely with Sport Psychology experts from Loughborough University to develop the programme and offer support to parents nurturing the next generation of players.

LTA also released a series of short videos, helping to explain their ‘Fair Play Values’, aimed at helping parents to understand what children need from them to succeed in sport.

Young people’s messages to parents

Rugby Football League club, Heworth Rugby League carried out several forums with children and young people, led by their Club Welfare Officer, Paul Harrison. In the sessions, children discussed touchline behaviour from parents and how they want to be praised for their training and playing.

Paul gathered all the responses from the children in the listening sessions and incorporated them into a format for all parents to see and view when they are at the club. It’s hoped that parents will be inspired by what children have said.

Messages from children included things like:

“It gives me more confidence when they are there”

“I like it when they cheer us on and encourage us”

“I like to show off the ability of what we can do and see the big smile on their faces”

We’ve really enjoyed seeing all the great things happening from sport during the week and would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign in so many different ways.

More information

CPSU resources

Parents in Sport Week 2017

The focus of Parents in Sport Week 2017 continued to be on highlighting the valuable role parents play – and the positive influence they have – in ensuring young people develop to their full potential and enjoy their time playing sport.

Aims of Parents in Sport Week

We encourage sports organisations and clubs to recognise and promote the positive and important role parents play in helping children reach their full potential. To do this, they can:

  • work with parents to reflect on the demands they’re encountering and then identify strategies to manage those demands
  • encourage sports clubs and coaches to take time to show they value parents, want parental input and are grateful for what parents can do

Parents play a pivotal role in sport and young people depend on their support and encouragement.

Ways to engage parents

In the run-up to Parents in Sport Week 2017, we listed a few ways to get involved and promote the event in your club or organisation. Many of these ideas can also be used throughout the year to engage parents.

  • hold seminars for club welfare officers – focus on how to positively engage with parents using information from our Parents in sport resources page
  • show parents our My Magic Sports Kit video – you could even develop your own sport-specific version
  • set up an information session for parents on training plans and how parents can support their child’s learning