Start planning for Parents in Sport Week 2018

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Show parents how much you value their commitment and support by inviting them to get involved, you could even hold an event dedicated to them.

As part of Parents in Sport Week 2017, a number of clubs and organisations held special events for parents to take part in, to show them how valued their contributions are in the club. We’d like to see similar events taking place during this year’s Parents in Sport Week between 1 – 7 October.

Some clubs held a parents evening and invited parents to enjoy food, drinks, fun and games with their children and the clubs coaches.

Others held ‘Parents too’ practices, where they encouraged parents to take part in a friendly game or training session alongside their children. This gave parents a chance to understand the hard work their children put into their sport and helped develop better relationships between coaches and parents.

Parents in Sport Week can be a great opportunity to connect with parents and engage them in their child’s sport, whilst raising awareness of the important messages behind the campaign. Who knows, you might even get a few more members for your adult team, or a volunteer helper from it.

To get you started we’ve designed a downloadable invitation that you can use to invite parents to your special event. Just download, print-out and fill in the relevant information for your event.

What sports did in 2017

Here’s some examples of what sports organisations did to engage parents during Parents in Sport Week 2017:

Parents jumped to it

A British Gymnastics club, Big Jumps Trampolining, invited parents along to their children’s sessions to see first-hand all the hard work they put in on a weekly basis and encouraged children to coach their parents during the session.

Helen Murphy, Safeguarding & Compliance Officer for British Gymnastics said:

“We hope they can coach and show their parents or carers that it’s not as easy as it looks and that encouragement is always good, as well as them just having a go at a session.”

A new record for parental involvement

Table Tennis Ulster held a social event for the whole family to enjoy. They laid on some food and invited parents, young athletes and a number of celebrity players, including Dame Mary Peters, Pete Snodden and Mark Sidebottom .

Young people sent their messages to parents

Rugby Football League club, Heworth Rugby League carried out several forums with children and young people. They discussed touchline behaviour from parents and how they want to be praised for their training and playing.

Responses from the children were then displayed for all parents to see when they visit the club, with a hope that parents would be inspired by what they saw.


Download your invitation template and use it to let parents know about the exciting event you’re holding this Parents in Sport Week.

Download all of our new resources for Parents in Sport Week 2018.

Get involved

Don’t forget that however you get involved; we want to hear about it. Keep us and everyone else supporting Parents in Sport Week updated by using the hashtags #InvolvingParents and #ParentsinSportWeek2018 and tagging @TheCPSU on social media.

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