Keeping children safe in the digital world

Last updated: 16 Feb 2018 Topics: Safeguarding children Online safety Type: News article

Safer Internet Day took place on 6 February 2018. This year's focus was 'Create, connect and share respect – a better internet starts with you.' 

The day, run by the UK Safer Internet Centreis celebrated internationally and raises awareness for creating a safer place online for children and young people.

Here at the CPSU we supported the day by creating 3 infographics that voice this year's theme. We used these infographics on Twitter throughout the day, encouraging our followers to share these messages. 

Alongside the graphics, we asked sports clubs, coaches and parents to think about how they use the internet and how they can help young people to stay safe online. We also linked through to our online safety guidance, which provides support and advice on this topic for sports clubs and organisations.

Resources from the day

Take a look at the great supporting resources from the UK Safer Internet Centre developed for Safer Internet Day 2018:

  • view the downloadable educational pack for schools, youth groups, police service, libraries and other local community groups
  • view the downloadable educational pack for parents and carers
  • view the SID TV films, which looked at healthy online relationships and digital wellbeing
  • take the Safer Internet Day quiz 2018 – this quiz has been designed for 8- to 13-year-olds, to discover how the internet affects day to day life and online friendships
  • the campaign toolkit was widely used by supporter organisations to spread the word and promote Safer Internet Day

What happened on the day

How was Safer Internet Day 2018 supported in the UK and globally:

For Safer Internet Day 2018, the UK Safer Internet Centre commissioned an online survey, digital friendships report. This report of 2,000 young people aged 8‐17 years looked into the role that technology plays in young people's relationships.

Key findings revealed how pivotal technology is to young people’s relationships and the various online platforms that young people use to interact with each other.

This survey highlighted positive and negative roles that technology can play in young people’s relationships, hence young people being proactively involved. Young people also requested support from the adults in their lives to build a better and safer internet.

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