Revised guidance: Working together to safeguard children 2018

Last updated: 18 Jul 2018 Topics: Safeguarding children Type: News article

The Department for Education (DfE) has revised statutory guidance on inter-agency working to safeguard children in England.

Working together to safeguard children 2018 follows a government consultation which was launched in October 2017.

The NSPCC has developed a briefing outlining the main changes to the guidance and we have also pulled out some key points for the sports sector.

Key points for sport

Chapter 2: Organisational responsibilities

Point 3 lists arrangements for organisations to have in place, additional reference is made to:

  • the requirement for escalation policies for staff to follow when their child safeguarding concerns are not being addressed within their organisation or by other agencies
  • a senior board level champion with the required knowledge, skills and expertise
  • creating a culture of safeguarding, equality and protection.

Point 63 specifically addresses sports clubs/organisations:

  • all should have the arrangements described in this chapter in place and should collaborated to work effectively with the safeguarding partners as required by any local safeguarding arrangements
  • paid and volunteer staff need to be aware of their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, how they should respond to concerns and how to make a referral to local authority children's social care or the police, if necessary.

Point 64 reads:

  • all national governing bodies of sport, that receive funding from either Sport England or UK Sport, must aim to meet the Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport.