Sports Parents Promise: New name, same promise

Last updated: 31 May 2019 Topics: Community and school sports Safeguarding children Type: News article

The Sports Parents Promise is the new name of our campaign which asks parents to make a promise to support their children to have safe and enjoyable experiences of sport.

Previously known as the Positive Parents Promise, this small change in name helps us to keep sport at the heart of the campaign.

The 3-point Promise is part of our annual awareness raising campaign, Parents in Sport Week (7 – 13 October). It provides information and advice on how to be a great sports parent, including how to choose a safe club and how to be a positive role model from the sideline.

What parents can do

Parents can read our guidance and make the Promise to their children by visiting our Sports Parents Promise page.

In return, parents can download a certificate to share their commitment on social media and spread the word using the hashtag #sportsparents

What sports can do

If you’re a sports organisation, talk to the parents in your sport and encourage them to make the Promise.

Support the Promise through social media and your websites and tell us what you’re doing to back the campaign.

Launching the Sports Parents Promise ahead of Parents in Sport Week allows summer sports to get involved too.

If your sport only operates over the summer months, use this time to hold special 'make the promise' events or spread the word at your summer activities by adding a piece about the campaign to your programmes or information for parents.

Further information

Support the campaign

We’d love the Promise to reach as many clubs in the UK as possible so they can encourage parents to get involved and share the word across social media using the hashtag #SportsParents.