We're adding sun protection to the game this summer

Last updated: 12 May 2021 Topics: Safeguarding children Working with our partners

We’re supporting the new-look Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code, launched by the Melanoma Fund.

The campaign features a new website, a simplified accreditation scheme, a children’s quiz and a big giveaway for you to get involved with.

Getting children sun-protected when attending organised sports or outdoor activity sessions can be a challenge but with just one blistering sunburn doubling the chances of melanoma in later life, it does need to be part of our outdoor sports and activities.

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is a free resource written by leading medical experts and endorsed across the sports sector. 

Michelle North, head of CPSU, said: 

“We’re delighted to be getting back to sport and activity this summer and we’re very pleased to be continuing our partnership with the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code. It’s so important for us all to share these vital sun protection messages.

“We encourage everyone involved in organising outdoor sport and activity with children to get OK Accredited by reading the OK Code and putting the tips and advice into practice. Coaches and volunteers should lead by example, ensure children reapply sunscreen, stay hydrated and seek shade. Parents can also help by sending their children to outdoor activities sun-prepared.”

Become accredited

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code has been updated and the free accreditation scheme has been simplified. In just four simple actions, supported by a toolkit of downloadable resources, you can ensure sun protection is consistent and effective at your summer sessions.

The Sun-Sorted! Quiz

As part of the campaign, the Melanoma Fund has created the Sun-Sorted! Quiz - a fun but educational quiz designed to help children aged 7 to 11 discover why sun protection is important. Filled with interesting and amazing facts about the sun, their skin, and their environment, the quiz encourages youngsters to develop healthy habits.

The quiz was written by leading experts and has 24 challenging, multiple-choice questions, complete with explanations to create a deeper understanding. Scores range from solar starter to solar superpower and completion will be rewarded with a personalised Sun-Sorted! certificate.

Children should be encouraged to test their knowledge of sun protection with their team mates, club, sports coach, friends and family creating conversation and further awareness.

The big giveaway

The Melanoma Fund is also giving away 150 Sun-Sorted! kits to sport and outdoor activity organisations, each containing a SunSense SPF50 sunscreen and an eco-friendly Sun-Sorted wristband, enough for 33 children.

Posters and leaflets will also be provided to promote awareness in your sports club. You can distribute kits to encourage completion of the quiz or as prizes for high scores.

Remember to raise awareness of your involvement on your website or social media to keep the conversation going, use #SunSorted21


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