Tackling mental health in and through sport

Last updated: 17 Dec 2015 Topics: Working with our partners Safeguarding children Type: News article
Children running a race

The CPSU are calling on all sports organisations to sign up to the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation to support your athletes' emotional wellbeing and resillience, as well as their physical health.

The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation was developed by the sector for the sector with the support of mental health charity Mind. The CPSU was one of the first organisations to sign up to commit to action.

Aims of the Charter

The Charter aims to:

  • create a welcoming, inclusive and positive environment for everyone to participate in sport and recreation
  • encourage people to talk about mental health
  • support people to seek help and support when needed

Our commitment

By signing up to the Charter, the CPSU commits to:

  • promote young people's wellbeing in sport
  • develop a sample mental health policy for sports organisations
  • promote positive messages using diverse role models and ambassadors
  • tackle discrimination against those with mental health problems
  • support a pan-sport approach and share resources and best practice
  • monitor our performance, assess progress and take positive action on mental health issues for children and young people

Play your part

If you’d like to join us as a signatory to the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation, you can sign up to the Charter.

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