Safeguarding the child athlete in sport

Last updated: 19 Jun 2015 Topics: Working with our partners International sport Safeguarding children Type: Publication

A review, a framework and recommendations for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) youth athlete development model

The new review, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, aims to:

  • present a summary of the scientific literature on the threats to children in sport
  • introduce a framework to categorise these threats
  • identify research gaps in the field
  • provide safeguarding recommendations for sport organisations.

The subject of safeguarding children in sport has seen an increase in scientific study in recent years. In particular, there is increasing emphasis on identifying who is involved in abuse, the context of where it occurs and the identification of the various forms of abuse that take place in the sporting domain.

This safeguarding model is designed to assist sport organisations in creating a safe sporting environment to ensure that children can flourish and reach their athletic potential through an enjoyable experience.