I promise to... choose a safe club

Here, we offer advice and tips on ways you can fulfil your promise as a positive sports parent. For the other points, and to get a certificate to show you've made the promise, visit the Sports Parents Promise.

I promise to make sure the club we choose together is safe and fun

The best way to make sure a club is the right one is to attend a session or practice in advance, or go along with your child the first time. Speak to staff, coaches and your child, look around the facilities and see what’s on offer before you both come to a decision.

Any good club or activity should have certain things in place to make sure they’re taking care of children during sessions, practices and away events. 

Every club should:

  • let you see their policies and procedures on how they deal with any concerns raised about poor practice or abuse
  • give you the name of a welfare or child protection officer in case you have any concerns
  • show you written standards for good practice, such as a code of conduct for staff
  • ask you to provide essential medical and emergency contact information, and get your consent for your child to participate
  • be able to let you know about the types of things they do to make sure their staff are safe to work with your child

You should feel confident asking a club about these things – any good club will be happy to let you know what they have in place. 

For more details about what to look for in a sports club, see our Information for parents pages.

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