I promise to... listen to your concerns

Last updated: 11 Aug 2020

Here, we offer advice and tips on ways you can fulfil your promise as a positive sports parent. For the other points, and to share that you've made the promise, visit the Sports Parents Promise.

I promise to listen to you if you have any concerns about your sport

As a parent, it's you who your child will look to for help. So it's very important to show that you are listening to them and really value what they're telling you.

By listening to your child it may increase your child’s confidence to speak out about worries, as well as their experiences of sport. 

  • if they’re not happy, ask them why and what you might be able to change together to make them feel better about taking part
  • encourage your child to be there to have fun as much as to win – let them know you’re proud of them for many different reasons, not just how they performed
  • for issues such as bullying, discrimination, other parents’ behaviour or poor practice, you should be able to turn to the club's welfare or child protection officer with your concerns

It can be challenging to start conversations about 'difficult' subjects with your child, but it's important to talk them through to help keep them safe from harm. The NSPCC has plenty of suggestions for how to get conversations going.

Getting help if you're worried about a child

If you're worried that a child is being abused or put at risk during sports activities, it's vital that you talk to someone.

The idea of speaking out about abuse or poor practice in a club can be daunting but the services below are designed to help you if you have any concerns at all.

By taking action, you'll be safeguarding the child concerned as well as helping to prevent other children being harmed or put at risk.

  • if you think a child is in immediate danger of abuse, contact the police on 999
  • if there's no immediate danger and you're unsure who to speak to, call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 for advice
  • find out the club guidelines for recording and reporting concerns and follow them
  • speak to the club’s child-protection or welfare officer

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