I promise to... positively support you

Here, we offer advice and tips on ways you can fulfil your promise as a positive sports parent. For the other points, and to get a certificate to show you've made the promise, visit the Sports Parents Promise.

I promise to make sure that I always support you and your teammates in a positive way

As a parent, you play a big role in encouraging your child to take part in and stay in sport. But we know it can sometimes be hard to know how to best support your child, especially when you're caught up in the action.

To be a positive role model and ensure everyone enjoys themselves:

  • let your child know you’re proud of them for many different reasons, not just what spot in the team they’ve got or what time they’ve beaten
  • make sure you’re only shouting encouragement from the sidelines, not criticism
  • have confidence in coaches and staff, stay off the pitch and let them help your child develop their own skills
  • respect officials’ and referees’ decisions – they’re often volunteers themselves and need your support too
  • remember that winning isn’t everything – encourage your child to be there to have fun as much as to win
  • ignore or, better yet, report any negative behaviour from other parents or spectators – keep the atmosphere positive

For more tips on how to positively support your child, and how much of an impact you can have on their enjoyment of sport, see our Information for parents pages.

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