Safeguarding deaf and disabled children in sport

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A resource for use in training and professional group learning.

Published by the NSPCC in 2012, this learning resource supports sport and recreation organisations in their safeguarding responsibilities towards deaf and disabled children. The resource includes film scenarios, expert commentary, guidance notes and training tasks.

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Deaf and disabled children increasingly benefit from taking part in sport activities. But research shows that they are at significantly greater risk of abuse and neglect than their peers.

Addressing their specific safeguarding needs will enable many more to join in the fun.

Learning outcomes

This resource will help you to:

  • understand barriers to the inclusion of deaf and disabled children in your sport, their additional vulnerability and needs
  • consider ways in which they can be more effectively included and involved
  • provide practical information and guidance for coaches and others with responsibility for deaf and disabled children
  • ensure that all policies, processes and practices safeguard and respond to the needs of this group
  • provide training, presentations and other learning opportunities to managers, staff and volunteers at different levels, in a flexible way 

What's included?

The DVD features relevant scenarios that highlight key issues relating to sports and disability, along with expert commentary.

The resource also includes guidance and information to support discussions on these issuess as well as information on a range of disability types and implications for coaching.

The resource also contains:

  • examples showing how individuals, clubs and other activity providers can adopt practices to  safeguard deaf and disabled children more effectively
  • training tasks and exercises

Sample clips

This first clip shows Anna, a disabled girl, attending a sports session:

The second clip features two professionals reflecting on the difficulties the coach experienced in including Anna in the activities, and offering suggestions about a more positive approach:


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