Active Sussex – Sportivate coach mentor scheme

Last updated: 25 Jun 2013 Topics: Safeguarding standards Community and school sports

A good-practice example - monitoring safeguarding requirements of Sportivate activities.

Active Sussex wanted to look at the quality assurance of project delivery, as well as supporting coaches/facilitators who are involved in the Sportivate programme.

Aims of the scheme

  • for coach mentors to add value to the experience of coaches and participants by providing a 'critical friend' to Sportivate coaches to share good practice and identify potential CPD need
  • to influence a positive change in both project leads and coaches / instructors – this will increase the value and quality of projects to enhance the experience for participants and increase the probability of retaining them
  • coach mentors process to be standardised and regulated through the use of an overall project mentor

Recruiting mentors

Identifying and recruiting the appropriate mentors, and placing them with appropriate projects has been key to kick starting the scheme on the right foot. Identified mentors attended an induction, to ensure they are fully aware of the schemes objectives and outcomes as well as Sportivate requirements. Project leads/coaches also attended an induction and met their mentor.

We have put a specific focus on projects targeting females, NEETS and disabled participants. Not only are these target groups for us in terms of increasing participation, but they are very much areas where we want to monitor quality assurance more closely.

All project organisations have to supply a Safeguarding and Best Practice Disclaimer along with their Service Level Agreement, before any activity or funding release can take place. Mentors will be able to spot check against these, and ensure all minimum standards (qualifications, safeguarding, etc) are in place prior and during delivery.

Monitoring and evaluation

Through the duration of the scheme the mentors will also be monitored and evaluated through the Coach Development Manager and the University of Chichester, to ensure the mentors themselves are providing a quality service. From evaluations, support needs and development opportunities will be offered to all involved.

The scheme is a start into digging a bit deeper into the assurance of quality and best practice of Sportivate deliverers and therefore ensuring an enhanced participant experience and an increase in retention.

Further information

Please contact Active Sussex:

Gemma Finlay, Sports Development Manager
Tel: 01273 643838 | Email: 

Anthony Statham, Coaching Development Manager
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