Sports case-data collection template

Last updated: 21 Sep 2018 Topics: Case management

The case-data collection template aims to help national governing bodies (NGBs) capture case data in a consistent way to provide a sports-wide picture of safeguarding case challenges and emerging themes.

The CPSU has worked with Dr Daniel Rhind and several NGBs to develop this tool. It can be used in parallel with, as part, or in place of existing mechanisms to hold case data.

If your organisation would like to be part of the project to submit your data to researchers then please contact us. You can also use this template without signing up to the research if you would prefer.

All data required in the tool is anonymised and will only relate to cases deemed serious enough to warrant referral to (or consultation with) LADOs, Police or Children's Services.

Inputting data

You can now watch a webinar we recorded introducing the tool, answering questions and providing examples of how it will be used in practice. 

Download the template