Child development report: Safeguarding children within sport and leisure facilities

Last updated: 02 Feb 2015 Topics: Duty of care Research

This research was commissioned by the CPSU for the purpose of safeguarding children and young people in sport and leisure facilities.

Titled 'Summary of child development ages 8-11 years for the purposes of safeguarding children in sport and leisure facilities (PDF), this research details changes in children's cognitive, moral, social and physical development.

Children develop at their own individual pace and some may mature more quickly in some areas of development than in others.

Author: Dr Vicky Lovett, Swansea University (Commissioned by CPSU)
Published: February 2015


  • introduction
  • cognitive development
  • moral development
  • social development
  • physical development
  • conclusion

Download the full report (PDF)


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