Children and young people in sport – getting help

Last updated: 07 Jun 2017 Topics: Involving children and young people

As the recipient of the UEFA Children’s Foundation charity award of €1 million over 3 years, the NSPCC and CPSU have worked to extend their reach further into the sport sector.

We've been hosting consultations with young people over the course of the project to ensure that the relevant information is out there to support young people involved in sport.

This report, Children and young people in sport – getting help (PDF), summarises our findings and provides recommendations for all those working with children in sport.

Author: NSPCC Participation Unit
Published: 2016


Previously, we worked with young people to identify what they thought were important worries of young people involved in sport, and what they would like club welfare officers to be like.

For this latest round of consultations, the focus was on how young people in sport view ‘help’, and how the NSPCC service Childline can be there for young sportspeople.

For this round of consultations:

  • 128 young people were involved
  • they were aged between 8 and 18
  • they were from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • 60 respondents were male and 68 were female

The idea of the consultation was to get a snapshot in time of what young people are saying, rather than it being a piece of academic research.

Table of contents

    1. Getting help
    2. Young people's thoughts on Childline
    3. How to promote Childline
    4. The Childline website sport page
    5. Recommendations [for]:

      • NSPCC and Childline
      • National governing bodies (NGBs)
      • Coaches and clubs

Download the report (PDF)