Promoting positive parental behaviour – PowerPoint template

Last updated: 17 Aug 2018 Topics: Parents in sport Trips, events and travel Community and school sports

'It's our game, not yours'

Use this presentation template (in PowerPoint format) to talk to parents about the positive and negative impact their behaviour can have on children's enjoyment of sport.

The presentation has been developed to encourage clubs and organisations to amend it – for example, by adding sports logos, images or a sport-specific issue emphasis.

What's covered

  • why parent's are important to youth sport
  • examples of positive and negative behaviour
  • what impact parents behaviour can have on children, the club and the sport
  • practical steps everyone can take to tackle negative behaviour

Further information

For more on this subject, see our guidance on promoting positive parental behaviour on our Parents in sport topic pages.

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Download the template (.pptx)