Safeguarding support toolkit

Last updated: 04 Apr 2013 Topics: Community and school sports Safeguarding standards

A toolkit to help you ensure that children and young people engaged in all funded programme activities (including Sportivate) are effectively safeguarded.

This toolkit will help you to:

  • identify and support the implementation of safeguarding measures that all deliverers are required to have in place

  • clarify the safeguarding roles and responsibilities of all organisations involved in the commissioning or delivery of activities (County Sport Partnerships (CSPs), other commissioning bodies and activity deliverers), with reference to the safeguarding criteria

  • provide guidance, tools, examples and templates to support the development, implementation and review of safeguarding practice by activity providers that reflect the needs of the organisation

  • assist activity providers to move from the minimum safeguarding standards towards excellence

  • provide good practice examples of ways in which CSPs are working with and monitoring partners to ensure the application of the safeguarding criteria at delivery level
Download the Safeguarding support toolkit (PDF)