We spoke to Paul Stewart about keeping children safe in sport

Last updated: 15 Oct 2021 Topics: Parents in sport

In this series of short videos, Ex footballer Paul Stewart talks about his lived experience of abuse and how parents can play a role in keeping children safe in sport. 

Parents in Sport Week playlist

Can't see the player? You can view this playlist on the NSPCC YouTube channel.

These short clips are extracts of a longer interview which we carried out with Paul as part of his support for our Parents in Sport Week campaign. 

Videos in this series

  • What would you like parents to know about the impact abuse can have on children?
  • What would you say to children who might be experiencing abuse in sport?
  • What kind of support would have helped you to speak out as a child?
  • What advice would you give to parents?
  • How do you think Parents in Sport Week might have helped your parents?
  • What would your message for parents be this Parents in Sport Week?

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