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Supporting young athletes with anxiety

Topics: Elite athletes Mental health and wellbeing Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

This guidance explores anxiety within a sports context, outlining possible signs and symptoms and what you should do if you suspect that a young person is struggling with an anxiety disorder.

Overnight trips and international travel

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Best practice

This briefing discusses the additional considerations that you should plan for when going on overnight trips or travelling internationally with children and young people in your sports organisation

Sample accessible player registration form

Topics: Duty of care Type: Forms

Sample form for sports organisations. A good-practice example developed by the Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Serivce, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust.

Accident-reporting form

Topics: Duty of care Case management Type: Forms

An accident-reporting form template and procedure to be followed by a club or organisation in the event of an accident.

Away day trips and fixtures checklist

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Forms

Our essential safety checklist for sport organisations.

Bullying incident report form

Topics: Anti-bullying Type: Forms

Our bullying incident report form can be used as a template for your own form to ensure you record everything necessary.

Event safeguarding checklist

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Forms

A planning checklist for sports organisations to ensure they meet all their safeguarding requirements when running events and activities for children and young people.

Inter-school competition (level 2) – safe event planning

Topics: Trips, events and travel Community and school sports Type: Forms

This flowchart has been developed to support safe event planning for inter-school competition (level 2). The information is intended to complement the detailed guidance, Safe sport events, activities and competitions (SSE).

Regional/county safeguarding officer – job description template

Topics: Safeguarding standards Type: Forms

A sample job description for a regional or county safeguarding officer role, which you can use as a template when recruiting.

Safeguarding investigator – job description template

Topics: Case management Type: Forms

This guidance details the purpose, knowledge and skills required for an Investigator role. An investigation is required as part of a sport's organisations safeguarding and child protection case management process.