Continual professional development

Developing knowledge and skills does not stop after initial or even specialist training courses.

As research, practice and legislation change and develop, those working with children and young people can build upon their experience through accessing additional training. This is known as continual professional development. 

What this training involves

This training provides enhanced learning at all levels and therefore will be delivered in a variety of ways to a variety of audiences. For example, refresher safeguarding training for coaches may be delivered through a face-to-face or e-learning course, whereas some specialist roles will follow accredited routes with longer courses.

Examples of continual professional development:

  • sport-specific training to consider safeguarding within the context of the sport
  • coaching techniques to encourage positive coaching of the whole child
  • specific-issues training through webinars, online courses and face-to-face training, including:

Where to get training

For more information, keep an eye on our website for new webinars and resources.

Sports national governing bodies (NGBs) and Active Partnerships (previously County Sports Partnerships) will also have information about new developments and opportunities.

Refresher courses

The CPSU has worked in partnership with UK Coaching in the development of a refresher course - Renewal: Safeguarding and protecting children. There are currently 3 versions of the course: 

  • focus on deaf and disabled children in sport
  • focus on positive parents in sport
  • focus on digital kids in sport

Each version includes the core refresher module along with the additional specific module. 

The courses are available directly from UK Coaching in England in person or as an online course, and through the Welsh Sports Association's online course in Wales.