Parents in Sport Week 2021

Parents in Sport week is our annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance of parents' involvement in youth sport.

During the week we will be sharing guidance on the types of things sports clubs should have in place to keep children safe, how parents can get help with any concerns and how parents' positive behaviour contributes to better experiences of sport for children.

Make your Promise

As part of the campaign, we’ve be asking sports parents to make the Sports Parents Promise. 

The Promise outlines what we think makes a great sports parent. We hope this will give parents an understanding of how their contribution to their child’s sport helps to make it a safer place. 

There's still time to make the Sports Parents Promise to your child today. 

Our 2021 campaign

Dates: 4 - 10 October 2021
Location: Nationwide

Work on this year's campaign has already started, keep and eye on this page for more details soon.

Further information

Find out about the Sports Parents Promise and make your Promise today.

Keep up with the latest news by following us on Twitter @TheCPSU or you can follow the campaign using the hashtag #ParentsinSportWeek.

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