Parents in Sport Week 2021

This year's campaign focuses on giving parents the information and tools they need to spot potential concerns and to speak out about them.

Dates: 4 - 10 October 2021
Location: Nationwide

Our aim for 2021

We want to empower parents with the confidence, knowledge and tools they need to identify and report concerns in their children’s sports.

How we'll achieve this

To achieve this, we’ll be providing information and resources to parents so that they feel confident they know what kinds of behaviour is acceptable and not acceptable in sport.

We’ll also be advising parents on how to approach their child’s club with a concern and how to make a confidential report of a safeguarding concern if they are unsure of who to turn to for help.

We're busy developing resources to support this information in lots of different formats ready to launch for Parents in Sport Week, so please watch this space. 

How sports can support us this year

We'll need lots of help to reach parents whose children are involved in your sports this year, so we'll be sending out further details on how you can help us reach them soon. 

You can sign up to receive further updates via email by clicking 'Sign up now' at the top of our parents page

Further information

Keep up with the latest news by following us on Twitter @TheCPSU or you can follow the campaign using the hashtag #ParentsinSportWeek.

To find out more about the Parents in Sport Week campaign and what we've done in previous years, visit our Parents in Sport Week page

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