Play your part this Childhood Day

Play is an important part of childhood and has a whole host of benefits. After the year we’ve had, we could all do with a bit more play. This Childhood Day, the NSPCC are asking the UK to come together to play, raise money and help keep children safe.

Dates: 11 June 2021
Location: Nationwide

How to get involved

It doesn’t matter how you play this Childhood Day, it just matters that you play your part. There are lots of ways you can get involved…

  • host a play day in your sport club and raise money
  • stock up on fun and games from the NSPCC shop
  • encourage children to get creative and have fun
  • donate what you can to help protect children
  • spread the word about Childhood Day

CPSU activity

As part of Childhood Day, the CPSU team will be hosting their very own sports day on Twitter

Take a look at the list of activities below and join us for all, or just a few, throughout the day by using the hashtag #ChildhoodDay and tagging @TheCPSU and @NSPCC. We'd love to see video's, pictures and your record breaking results!

9am - Tea throw
Throw a tea bag into a mug that’s 2m in front of you – record how many attempts to get it in

10am - Spin challenge
Choose an object and make it spin for as long as possible

11am - Build a snowman
Make the best snowman out of anything but snow or ice – let’s see how creative we really are!

12pm - Let's Bowl!
Build your own bowling alley with blocks or tinned food and use something softish to knock them down – ball, rolled up socks. How many attempts to knock them all down?

1pm - Den building
In 3 minutes, build the best den with what you have around you and post the pictures

2pm - Move the most
Using small, light objects (popcorn, peas, cotton wool balls etc) how many can you transfer between 2 bowls using a straw, cocktail stick, chopsticks, two pens. You have 60 seconds.

3pm - Bottle flip
fill a plastic water bottle about one quarter to one third full with water and put the cap on tightly. Hold the bottle loosely by the neck and toss it forward (so the bottom rotates away from you). Try to throw the bottle so that it does one complete flip and lands upright without falling – how many times can you complete this in 60 seconds

4pm - Take flight
Design and launch a paper aeroplane - record the longest flight

Childhood shapes who we become. Abuse never should. So join the NSPCC on 11 June and play your part.

Visit the NPCC website to find out more and sign-up to take part.

Further information

Take a look at more fundraising ideas and events from the NSPCC.