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Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport

Topics: Safeguarding standards Type: Tools

These standards provide a framework for all those involved in sport in England to help them create a safe sporting environment for children and young people and protect them from harm.

Jan 01 2005

Defining supervision and regulated activity

Topics: Safe recruitment Type: Tools

Sport and recreation sector guidance that's designed to support sports organisations' understanding of regulated activity and how to define supervision in their unique environments.

Feb 02 2017

Safe Sport Events Management Tool

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Tools

This online tool will help you to ensure that you meet the safeguarding responsibilities for your sports event, from playing in a local park up to representing their country.

Aug 25 2016

Preventing abuse of positions of trust within sport

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

This briefing defines abuse of trust within a sports context, outlines relevant legislation and highlights recommended best practice.

Jan 21 2015

Sample accessible player registration form

Topics: Duty of care Type: Best practice

Sample form for sports organisations. A good-practice example developed by the Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Serivce, Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust.

Jan 16 2015

Adult-child physical contact in sport

Topics: Duty of care Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Videos

Dr Melanie Lang (Edge Hill University) has produced a video presentation for sports coach UK on challenging coach anxiety of adult-child touch in sport through a children's rights approach.

Apr 10 2015

An introduction to the CPSU

Topics: Safeguarding standards Safeguarding framework Duty of care Type: Videos

This short film introduces the work of the CPSU team and how we can support sports organisations to safeguard children and young people attending and participating in sport.

Aug 19 2016

Accident-reporting form

Topics: Duty of care Case management Type: Forms

An accident-reporting form template and procedure to be followed by a club or organisation in the event of an accident.

Feb 13 2017

Responding to reports of non-recent historic abuse in sport

Topics: Case management Type: Policies

This guidance advises sports organisations on the types of procedures they should have in place to respond to reports of non-recent historic abuse in sport. 

Feb 16 2018

Access NI pre-appointment checking system

Topics: Safe recruitment Type: Best practice

This briefing paper outlines the role on Access NI and the service that they offer to sports organisations undertaking safer recruitment checks.

Nov 30 2011