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Positive sports parents – supporting talented young athletes

Topics: Parents in sport Elite athletes Type: Videos

This video for parents looks at how they can prepare and support talented young athletes to achieve to the best of their ability. 

Aug 24 2016

Surviving abuse – BBC Radio 5 live broadcast

Topics: Elite athletes Athlete wellbeing Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Self-harming Safeguarding standards Type: Videos

BBC Radio 5 live broadcast on surviving abuse and creating a safeguarding culture in sport, from the Sport Resolutions 2016 Conference in London.

Jun 01 2016

Overtraining syndrome and overuse injury in young athletes

Topics: Elite athletes Research Athlete wellbeing Type: Research

This article defines overuse injuries and overtraining syndrome. It looks at how prevalent they are in sport and how to reduce the risks for young athletes.

Mar 11 2016

Keegan Hirst – Interview with the first openly gay rugby league player

Topics: Elite athletes Type: Videos

We interview Keegan Hirst about his experiences of being involved in sport and the reactions of others when he came out as gay. Keegan provides advice and guidance for other young people in sport.

Oct 28 2015

Advice to young people from elite athletes

Topics: Elite athletes Athlete wellbeing Type: Videos

Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes offer advice to sports organisations, clubs and young people involved in sport.

Oct 28 2015

Safeguarding Youth Sport – booklet

Topics: Elite athletes Athlete wellbeing Type: Publications

This booklet marks the end of the European project Safeguarding Youth Sport (SYS), managed by the International Centre for Ethics in Sport in close collaboration with 10 partners from 8 EU member states.

Jan 01 2015

Tackling SHA and body image in sport

Topics: Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Elite athletes Athlete wellbeing Type: Tools

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has produced two educational toolkits on the issues of sexual harassment and abuse, and healthy body image in sport.

Nov 29 2013

Integrity in youth sport

Topics: Anti-bullying Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Elite athletes Type: Videos

John Amaechi speaks at the International Sports Security Conference, highlighting that children should be protected from bullying coaches and educated on what sport should be about.

Mar 31 2013

Safeguarding the elite young athlete

Topics: Elite athletes Type: Best practice

This briefing is designed to assist governing bodies, coaches and parents to consider the impact and pressure being placed on young elite athletes and what is acceptable practice within their sport.

Feb 01 2011
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