Keep children safe in sport

Together we can help our young people play sport and stay safe.

If you're worried about a child, you can talk to the NSPCC

130830 Childline 0510

Trained professionals on the NSPCC’s helpline are available 24/7 to offer advice and support. Find out more about what happens when you contact the NSPCC.

More about the helpline

Harmful sexual behaviour displayed by young people in sport

Shot 6 1503

we've reviewed our briefing paper with guidance on recognising and responding to harmful sexual behaviour displayed by young people in sport.

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Advice for sports parents


It's important for parents to be able to check how well a sports club is run, for the sake of their child's safety and for their own peace of mind. We cover the key points to consider when choosing a sports club or activity.

We've also got suggestions on how parents can play a positive role in supporting young athletes and videos recorded specially for parents.

What parents should look for in a sports club