Keep children safe in sport

Keep children safe in sport

Together we can help our young people play sport and stay safe.

Government agrees to close loophole


At present, it’s illegal for certain professionals such as teachers to engage in sexual activity with 16 and 17-year-olds in their care. But this doesn’t apply to sports coaches or other youth workers.

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Empowering young people to speak out

Shot 2 0673

This webinar highlights the impact bullying has on children and young people in sport, and how organisations can respond to and prevent bullying behaviour within their own organisation.   

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Safer recruitment in sport


Anyone undertaking a role that involves contact with or responsibility for children (or other vulnerable groups) should be taken through a safer recruitment process.

It is essential that all sports clubs and organisations have effective recruitment and selection procedures for both paid staff and volunteers. These will help to screen out and discourage those who are not suitable from joining your club/organisation.

Safer recruitment guidance and checklist