Sports safeguarding tools

Self-assessment tools

Our free sports safeguarding tools will help your organisation audit current safeguarding and child protection arrangements and plan safe events (coming soon). The tools will also help to identify areas for development and support you in making any changes necessary. 

Phasing out our existing tools

Our older safeguarding self-assessment tools are no longer available. We will announce a deadline for the closure of the existing Safe sports events management tool at the time the new events tools are launched.

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How it works

Our sports safeguarding tools provide step-by-step guides to help you meet best safeguarding and child protection practices.

Use the tools to:

• work through a set of simple questions

• add comments wherever you need them

• easily identify areas for development based on your responses

• get advice and resources to help improve policies and practice

• save, print and share a detailed summary of how you're doing

• revisit as many times as you like to update your progress

Our sports safeguarding tools

We offer online assessments for:

• evaluating how your organisation is doing

• planning an event, whether big or small (coming soon)

Choose the right tool for you below.

For independent and community sport and physical activity providers

Is your group, club or organisation doing everything it can to keep children and young people safe in sport? Our self-assessment tool will take you through the introduction to safeguarding for independent and community sport and physical activity providers. There are 9 sections, which will help you assess what you do well and what you still need to do.

Is your organisation doing everything it could be to keep children and young people safe in sport? This online self-assessment tool will help you find out. It will take you through the Standards for safeguarding children in sport developed by the CPSU. There are simple questions for each of the 9 elements to help you assess what your organisation still needs to do.

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