Stay sun safe this summer

Last updated: 08 May 2019 Topics: Safeguarding children Working with our partners Type: News article

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code was started in 2014 by the Melanoma Fund and has been re-launched for 2019.

The campaign is designed to help sports coaches and outdoor activity leaders to safeguard children participating in their activities and events during the hot weather. 

If your a sports club, organisation or activity which runs your sessions outdoors with primary aged children, sign up to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and keep them sun safe this summer.

The principals

There are 3 core elements to the code for organisations to work towards:

  • education
  • protection
  • lead by example

What's available to help

By signing up to support the campaign you will receive the following resources: 

  • the OK code - everything you need know about sun protection
  • sample sun policy - to help you create your own
  • downloadable online and printable resources to help promote responsible sun safety
  • OK accreditation - show everyone you're a sun safe organisation

For more information about the campaign visit the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code website.

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