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On 26 January 2021, Sport England launched their new 10-year strategy, Uniting the Movement, with a vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity.

2020 was a hugely disruptive year for everyone. Sport England, through this strategy, wants to rebuild and reimagine sport, movement and physical activity within people’s lives.

The focus

The 3 key objectives of the strategy are:

  • advocating for movement, sport and physical activity
  • joining forces on 5 big issues
  • creating the catalyst for change

The 5 big issues, mentioned above, are huge challenges faced by many and require collaborative work to address.

Recover and reinvent

Recovering from the biggest crisis in a generation and reinventing as a vibrant, relevant and sustainable network of organisations providing sport and physical activity opportunities that meet the needs of different people.

Connecting communities

Focusing on sport and physical activity’s ability to make better places to live and bring people together.

Positive experiences for children and young people

Unrelenting focus on positive experiences for all children and young people as the foundations for a long and healthy life.

Connecting with health and wellbeing

Strengthening the connections between sport, physical activity, health and wellbeing, so more people can feel the benefits of, and advocate for, an active life.

Active environments

Creating and protecting the places and spaces that make it easier for people to be active.

Next steps

Here at the CPSU, we are excited to be a part of this work and we are excited to work in partnership with many organisations over the next 10 years of this strategy to give children and young people that positive experience of sport and physical activity that they deserve.

Download the strategy

Visit the Sport England website to learn more about Uniting the Movement and to read the strategy in full.

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