Stay sun safe this summer

Last updated: 08 Jun 2022 Topics: Safeguarding children

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is run by the Melanoma Fund. It was launched in 2014 and remains the only sun protection initiative designed for children in sport and organised outdoor activity.

The campaign is designed to help sports coaches and outdoor activity leaders to safeguard children participating in their activities and events during the hot weather.

2022 campaign plans

This summer, The Melanoma Fund are hosting roadshows around the UK to raise awareness of sun protection. To provide a fun approach to a serious message, the campaign mascot 'sunburn' will attend these sessions.

Over 5,000 tubes of sunscreen and goodies will be distributed over the summer, to promote the campaign and raise awareness of sun safety.

Can your sport help raise awareness?

Do you have a suitable sports event where this campaign can be promoted? If so, and you'd like to get involved, contact The Melanoma Fund to find out more.

The Melanoma Fund team will look to attend events for a couple of hours and they have volunteers to support the campaign at events nationally.

For more information about the campaign, visit the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code website.

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