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Changes to 'Welfare Officer Training - Time to Listen' workshop

Topics: Safeguarding children Safer recruitment

The delivery of the 'Welfare Officer Training - Time to Listen' workshop is moving from CPSU to UK Coaching. 

Jul 03 2023

Keeping children safe in education 2023 updates

Topics: Safeguarding children

The Department for Education have updated their 'keeping children safe in education' guidance, leaving important implications for sport.

Jun 28 2023

In conversation with a Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Topics: Safeguarding children

We talked about how the LADO role plays an integral part in safeguarding children in sport. 

Jun 07 2023

Play Their Way resource hub launched

Topics: Safeguarding children

Children’s Coaching Collaborative (CCC) have launched their Play Their Way resource hub to transform children's coaching.

May 23 2023

New concussion guidance: 'If in doubt, sit them out'

Topics: Safeguarding children

New concussion guidance ‘if in doubt, sit them out’ recommends participants be immediately removed from play and not return for at least 24 hours. 

May 02 2023

Can you lend sport a hand?

Topics: Safeguarding children

The NSPCC has partnered with The Big Help Out to encourage more volunteers to support our work in sport to help make sport safer for all young people.

Mar 24 2023

Our new marketing partnership

Topics: Safeguarding children

We have partnered with The Safeguarding Company to reach our shared audiences with new content and expert safeguarding advice and resources.

Feb 28 2023

Emoji awareness campaign

Topics: Online safety

A recent campaign from Surrey Police has been highlighting some of the alternative meanings of certain emojis. 

Jan 30 2023

NSPCC launches safer sports events e-learning

Topics: Safeguarding children

This NSPCC e-learning course helps your organisation to understand your role and responsibilities to prepare and protect young people during sport events.

Jan 19 2023

The Whyte Review

Topics: Safeguarding children

The final report of the Whyte Review into mistreatment within gymnastics. 

Jan 16 2023