Reference form for positions working with children

Last updated: 14 Feb 2017 Topics: Safe recruitment

A template form for sports organisations to use when contacting the references provided by an applicant for a role working with young people.

The template form (.docx) includes a sample introductory note, which can be edited to suit your needs:

The above named person has expressed an interest in working with our organisation and has given your name as a referee. The post involves substantial access to and responsibility for children.

As an organisation committed to the welfare and protection of children, we wish to know if there is any reason at all to be concerned about this applicant’s suitability for this type of role.

If you are happy to complete this reference, any information will be treated confidentially and in accordance with relevant legislation and guidance. Information will only be shared with the person conducting the assessment of the candidate's suitability for the post, if he/she is offered the position in question. We would appreciate you being open and honest in your evaluation of this person.

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Download the form (.docx)