Introductory safeguarding training

Last updated: 13 May 2015

Introductory training outlines the fundamental principles of safeguarding children and young people. 

This training may be a precursor to basic training, which details more specific safeguarding issues and concerns.

Who this training is for

Introductory training is suitable for anyone who has infrequent or occasional contact with children and young people in a sports organisation. These individuals will not usually be required to attend a basic safeguarding course. 

This training can provide an introduction to basic and specialist safeguarding courses for individuals whose National Governing Body (NGB) or organisation require them to attend a basic safeguarding course.

What this training should include

  • safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility
  • the categories of abuse
  • signs and symptoms of abuse
  • what to do if there are concerns about a child and how to respond
  • how to make a safe environment for young people
  • signposts for further information and support 

This information could be delivered in a training or e-learning course – such as the NSPCC's introductory online course Child Protection in sport and physical activity training – or in other formats, such as websites, leaflets, webinars, podcasts and applications. 

Who provides training

Many NGBs of sport have their own training for this level. There are also a number of local authority courses available, among others.

The Sport Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) is supported by a multi-agency Skills and Knowledge Group. Its position is that if training meets the criteria listed above, it should be acceptable to other NGBs unless it is distinctly different.

There will still remain the need for a coach working across several NGBs to be inducted to each NGB's policies, procedures and good-practice guidance for coaches.

For more information on these training opportunities, contact your national sports governing body or Active Partnership (previously County Sports Partnership) to see when courses are available in your area.

Introductory safeguarding courses

Visit the NSPCC Training pages for training courses and resources for anyone working to safeguard children and young people in the UK. These include the Child protection in sport course, an online introductory safeguarding course.

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