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Sportivate Participant Registration Form (16-25 year olds)

Topics: Community and school sports Type: Forms

This form is to be completed and signed by a parent/carer for Sportivate participants aged 16-25 years.

Apr 04 2013

Integrity in youth sport

Topics: Anti-bullying Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Elite athletes Type: Videos

John Amaechi speaks at the International Sports Security Conference, highlighting that children should be protected from bullying coaches and educated on what sport should be about.

Mar 31 2013

Child exploitation risks at major sporting events

Topics: Research Type: Research

Although a huge amount of work goes into safeguarding young athletes, children outside of sport are also potentially at risk during major sporting events. Here, Professor Celia Brackenridge talks about research into this issue.

Jan 01 2013

Guidance on child protection records retention and storage

Topics: Case management Type: Best practice

Guidelines for the retention, storage and destruction of records relating to child welfare concerns or concerns about possible risk posed by employees.

Nov 30 2012

Advice on safeguarding deaf and disabled children in sport

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Type: Videos

A video clip featuring two professionals commenting on a scenario featuring Anna, a young disabled child, involved in a sports activity. They reflect on the difficulties the coach experienced in including Anna in the activities and offer suggestions about a more positive approach to meeting Anna's needs in this context.

May 01 2012

Safeguarding deaf and disabled children in sport - Anna's story

Topics: Anti-bullying Deaf and disabled children Type: Videos

A video clip of Anna, a disabled girl, attending a sports session. Her coach struggles to accommodate and include her effectively in the activity. Some of Anna's peers begin to bully her verbally.

May 01 2012

Access NI pre-appointment checking system

Topics: Safe recruitment Type: Best practice

This briefing paper outlines the role on Access NI and the service that they offer to sports organisations undertaking safer recruitment checks.

Nov 30 2011

Getting it right: standards of practice for the protection of children and young people

Topics: Safeguarding standards Type: Tools

Volunteer Development Agency, August 2009. The minimum standards of good practice for safeguarding children, recognised and endorsed by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland).

Feb 28 2011

Safeguarding the elite young athlete

Topics: Elite athletes Type: Best practice

This briefing is designed to assist governing bodies, coaches and parents to consider the impact and pressure being placed on young elite athletes and what is acceptable practice within their sport.

Feb 01 2011
Bullying Bullying


Topics: Anti-bullying Type: Videos

How do you respond to bullying on the pitch? This video clip will help anyone involved in sports activities with children and young people including coaches, volunteer helpers, activity organisers, management committees, participants and parents.

Apr 29 2009