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Events held in public parks and spaces – additional safeguarding considerations

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Best practice

Running events in public spaces can present a variety of additional safeguarding challenges, including security and photography. This briefing will help your organisation identify and address potential issues.

Sports club registration and consent form

Topics: Duty of care Type: Forms

A template for sports organisations to create their own registration and consent forms.

Recruiting chaperones

Topics: Safe recruitment Supervision ratio Trips, events and travel Type: Best practice

This guidance highlights what you need to consider when recruiting chaperones to provide care for children and young people at training, events and competitions. 

Chaperone – job description template

Topics: Trips, events and travel Supervision ratio Safe recruitment Type: Forms

This is a sample job description for a chaperone responsible for protectiing and looking after children in sport.

Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport animation

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Video & audio

This short animation has been produced as part of our Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport campaign launch to introduce the campaign and what parents should do to keep their child safe.

Key themes, learning and recommendations from the Whyte Review

Topics: Athlete wellbeing Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Best practice

This briefing paper outlines each recommendation from The Whyte Review and the implications for the sports sector, including any actions planned by the CPSU.

Changes to positions of trust legislation

Topics: Duty of care Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Safe recruitment Type: Video & audio
In this podcast episode, we talk with our colleagues in the NSPCC about the new legislation passed in England and Wales on 28th June 2022, and soon Northern Ireland, which makes it illegal for someone in a position of trust in sports and faith organisations to have a sexual relationship with someone aged 16-17 in their care. 

Self-assessment tools

Topics: Safeguarding standards Type: Tools

Is your organisation doing everything it could be to keep children and young people safe in sport? These online self-assessment tools will help you find out.

The evolution of parental involvement in sport

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Video & audio

As part of the NSPCC How Safe 2022 conference, CPSU consultant Jude Toasland led a session looking at how parental involvement in sport has changed over the years.

Sample mental health and wellbeing statement

Topics: Mental health and wellbeing Athlete wellbeing Type: Policies

You can adapt this mental health and wellbeing sample statement to support your sports organisation's existing safeguarding policies and to demonstrate your commitment to protecting young people’s mental health and wellbeing.