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Is my child ready to go out alone?

Topics: Duty of care Type: Publications

This NSPCC leaflet offers advice and practical tips to parents on judging if a child is ready to be out on their own.

Oct 17 2015

Introducing the revised Sports Safeguarding Standards

Topics: Safeguarding framework Safeguarding standards Type: Webinars

This webinar is relevant to Lead Officers and others with safeguarding responsibilities in NGBs, CSPs and other sports organisations – engaged in either the Standards or Framework process.

Sep 17 2015

Case management model

Topics: Case management Type: Tools

This case management model provides links to a range of information, guidance, templates and good-practice examples, which will help your organisation manage safeguarding cases more effectively.

Sep 11 2015

Inclusive golf coaching

Topics: Deaf and disabled children Type: Best practice

Two clubs provide an example of dedication to disability golf through their inclusive golf programmes.

Aug 19 2015

Creating online communities for young athletes

Topics: Involving children and young people Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

To keep its members informed and involved, the Amateur Swimming Association created an online magazine and social network called AquaZone.

Aug 19 2015

Giving young people a voice in sport

Topics: Involving children and young people Athlete wellbeing Type: Best practice

We find out about the work, main projects and achievements of the British Tennis Youth Group.

Aug 18 2015

Safeguarding in martial arts

Topics: Duty of care Safeguarding standards Type: Best practice

Thousands of children take part in martial arts – and its popularity is expanding at an incredible rate. So it's critical to get safeguarding and child protection right.

Jul 29 2015

Safeguarding children in martial arts activities

Topics: Community and school sports Safeguarding standards Duty of care Type: Webinars

Aimed at anyone running martial arts activities for children, this webinar looks at how to start putting appropriate safeguards in place to help keep children safe from harm during these activities.

Jul 29 2015

RFL tribunals – guidance for children and parents

Topics: Case management Type: Policies

The Rugby Football League's guidance about tribunal proceedings is a good-practice example that you could adapt for your sports organisation.

Jun 30 2015

RFL tribunals – guidance for clubs

Topics: Case management Type: Best practice

The Rugby Football League's useful guidance regarding the tribunal process is a good-practice example that could be adapted for your sports organisation.

Jun 30 2015