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Defining supervision and regulated activity

Topics: Safe recruitment Type: Tools

Sport and recreation sector guidance that's designed to support sports organisations' understanding of regulated activity and how to define supervision in their unique environments.

Feb 02 2017

Reporting safeguarding concerns in the FA

Topics: Anti-bullying Deaf and disabled children Safeguarding standards Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Type: Videos

The FA has produced a video detailing the reporting process for anyone worried about a child in youth football.

Nov 24 2016

Children and young people in sport – getting help

Topics: Involving children and young people Type: Research

This report, which is part of the UEFA Children's Foundation charity award project, focusses on how young people in sport view ‘help’, and how the NSPCC service Childline can be there for them.

Oct 12 2016

Promoting positive parenting in sport

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Webinars

Held during the inaugural Parents in Sport Week, this webinar will help you understand how parents can support children to enjoy participating in sport and perform their best.

Oct 07 2016

Positive sports parents – videos for coaches and clubs

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Videos

These short videos aim to help coaches and sports clubs realise the potential of parental involvement and how to best work with parents.

Oct 04 2016

Positive sports parents – videos for parents

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Videos

These short clips for parents look at how they can help young people play and achieve to the best of their ability. 

Oct 04 2016

Parents in sport – leaflet for coaches

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Publications

This leaflet aims to help coaches achieve positive relationships with parents and carers of young people playing sport.

Sep 16 2016

Parents in sport – club poster

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Publications

A display poster for sports clubs to promote the important role parents play in ensuring that children have a positive experience when playing sport.

Sep 15 2016

Safe Sport Events Management Tool

Topics: Trips, events and travel Type: Tools

This online tool will help you to ensure that you meet the safeguarding responsibilities for your sports event, from playing in a local park up to representing their country.

Aug 25 2016

Self-Assessment Tool

Topics: Safeguarding standards Type: Tools

Is your organisation doing everything it could be to keep children and young people safe in sport? This online self-assessment tool will help you find out.

Aug 25 2016