Case management tool

This tool looks at each element of an effective case management process. You can work through the information from start to finish or simply select the areas you want to know more about.

There are a number of things sports organisations can do to reduce the likelihood of safeguarding concerns occurring, such as having clear policies, enforcing codes of conduct and ensuring all staff and volunteers have completed appropriate safeguarding training.


Case management refers to the process used to address safeguarding concerns. 

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Reporting concerns

Clear reporting procedures will ensure that any safeguarding concerns are passed on in a timely manner. 

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Case management groups

Responsible for ensuring that cases are dealt with fairly, equitably and within appropriate timescales.

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Referral to statutory agencies

Working with police, children’s social care, designated officers (LADOs) and multi-agency safeguarding hubs. 

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Investigation and risk assessment

The process of gathering and clarifying information about reported safeguarding concerns or incidents. 

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Decision making

Decisions about cases are made at a number of stages. Organisations should seek to make defensible decisions which would withstand subsequent scrutiny.

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There are many possible outcomes of a case management process. Each case needs to be considered to assess the most suitable outcome.

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All parties should have the opportunity to appeal against the outcome of both safeguarding and disciplinary processes.

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