Case management groups

Last updated: 21 Jun 2021

Case management groups are responsible for ensuring that all allegations, incidents or referrals are dealt with fairly, equitably and within appropriate timescales.

These groups are made up of a small number of individuals with identified skills, knowledge and experience and include at least one member with independent child protection expertise.

Role of a case management group

The tasks of a case management group include:

  • agreeing actions taken by the safeguarding lead officer
  • assessing and agreeing the initial response
  • identifying the appropriate ‘route’ for the case
  • deciding the level at which the organisation will deal with the concern
  • issuing or recommending temporary or interim suspension orders
  • reviewing the progress of cases
  • identifying and communicating learning

The group’s role and decision-making powers should be embedded within the organisation’s governance structure and be linked to organisational functions such as codes of conduct and the disciplinary policy and procedures.