Active Norfolk are training for the future

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Active Norfolk tells us about their delivery of the multi-sport Time to Listen (TTL) training, and their plans to provide further support to welfare officers in their area.

Jun 13 2016

Martial arts pilot training

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Sports coach UK, CPSU, NEST Management and CPSU’s Martial Arts working group have been working together to develop a Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Martial Arts workshop.

Feb 08 2016

Club Matters – supporting your sports club

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Club Matters is Sport England's one-stop shop for sports clubs. It provides free, convenient, practical resources to help develop and sustain sports clubs.

Feb 08 2016

Ulster Rugby launches health and wellbeing strategy

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Ulster Rugby, in conjunction with the Public Health Agency (PHA), launched its community-based health and wellbeing strategy.

Jan 28 2016

Tackling mental health in and through sport

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The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation was developed with the support of mental health charity Mind. The CPSU was one of the first organisations to sign up to commit to action.

Dec 17 2015

Developing swimming for all in Durham

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Maggie Ward is a squad coach at Durham City Amateur Swimming and Water Polo Club. She’s been instrumental in setting up and developing a squad to cater for swimmers with varying disabilities, and works closely with these swimmers to make sure their specific needs are met so they can swim in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Oct 23 2015

Safeguarding the child athlete in sport

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The new review, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, aims to (1) present a summary of the scientific literature on the threats to children in sport; (2) introduce a framework to categorise these threats; (3) identify research gaps in the field and (4) provide safeguarding recommendations for sport organisations.

Jun 19 2015

Hidden disabilities in sport

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There are many different types of hidden disability that affect children and young people who may be involved in Sport. These disabilities are not easily identified or recognised. Sport is an ideal place to celebrate diversity and promote a positive ethos.

Apr 21 2015

Updated guidance for people working with children in England

Topics: Safeguarding children Type:Legislation

The Department for Education has made changes to a number of statutory documents for people working with children in England.

Apr 08 2015

Inspiring the next generation of young female athletes

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Lisa Whiteside, 2014 Boxing World Championships silver medallist, has achieved so much in a relatively short space of time, becoming a world silver medallist only eight years after taking up boxing.

We’ve chatted to Lisa to find out more about why she chose boxing – the challenges she has faced being involved in a predominantly male dominated sport, and the rise of women’s boxing following the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Feb 28 2015