Safeguarding at sports events

Last updated: 26 Feb 2020 Topics: Trips, events and travel

In this podcast, we discuss how you can make sure that your sports event stays safe for all children and young people by putting the right safeguarding policies and procedures in place.

We'll be talking to Michelle North, Head of CPSU and Senior Consultant, about the safeguarding needs for different sized sporting events, as well as what needs to be looked at pre, during and post sport event to help guarantee everyone involved has a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • how to start the safeguarding process at sport events
  • what to include in your events safeguarding policy
  • sport event planning, risk assessments, getting information together before the event
  • codes of conduct for sport events
  • permission slips
  • overnight stays
  • first aid

A sporting event can cover all kinds of games or matches; from a rounders match on the village green to the Olympics; it could involve 2 teams, it could be a multi-team event or it could be international. Safeguarding measures need to be in place regardless of the size of the event.

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  • Kayla Xuereb-Shafi – CPSU Information Officer
  • Michelle North – CPSU Senior Consultant (now Head of CPSU)