International safeguards for children in sport

Last updated: 29 Oct 2014 Topics: Safeguarding standards

These safeguards outline the things that should be put in place by any organisation providing sports activities to children and young people.

The International safeguards for children in sport should be viewed as guides, which facilitate an organisation’s journey towards safeguarding children, rather than an end in themselves.

They reflect international declarations, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, relevant legislation, government guidance, existing child protection and safeguarding standards, and good practice.

The 8 safeguards are:

    1. Developing your policy
    2. Procedures for responding to safeguarding concerns
    3. Advice and support
    4. Minimising risks to children
    5. Guidelines for behaviour
    6. Recruiting, training and communicating
    7. Working with partners
    8. Monitoring and evaluating

Implementing the safeguards

In July 2013 a research team, led by Daniel Rhind at Brunel University, carried our a 3-year research project to evaluate the trial of the international safeguards.

From this research, an implementation guide was developed to help organisations to work toward the international safeguards.


You can download the International safeguards for children in sport from the Unicef website.

The safeguards can also be downloaded from Brunel Univeristy's website, along with Daniel Rhind's implementation guides, here – Developing the international safeguards for children in sport.