The evolution of parental involvement in sport

Last updated: 31 Aug 2022 Topics: Parents in sport

As part of the NSPCC How Safe 2022 conference, CPSU consultant Jude Toasland led a session looking at how parental involvement in sport has changed over the years.

The panel share their experiences and tips for how to involve parents meaningfully, and the positive impact parental involvement can have on a club.

Key points

  • previous view of the role of parents in youth sport 
  • introduction of Parents in Sport Week*
  • evolution of Parents in Sport Week messaging
  • communication with parents
  • coach and parent relationships
  • examples of involving parents
  • tips on how to involve parents

*Note: Throughout this video, Parents in Sport Week is discussed. This campaign has since been rebranded as 'Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport', a year-round campaign with a celebration week yearly in the first week of October.


  • Jude Toasland – Senior Consultant at the CPSU
  • Sue Ravenlaw – Head of Safeguarding at the FA
  • Dr Camilla Knight – Sport Scientist at Swansea University
  • Damian Smith – Head of Development at North Yorkshire Sport

Further information 

Visit our parents in sport pages for more information and advice on engaging and involving parents in sport.

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