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Sample codes of conduct for parents, children and staff

Topics: Parents in sport Inappropriate or concerning behaviour Involving children and young people Safe recruitment Type: Policies

Sports organisations can download, print and use these sample codes of conduct to let parents, children and staff know what's expected of them. 

My No.1 Fan

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Video & audio

In this video, children describe how parents' and spectators' behaviour impacts their game and how this affects them.

What to look for in a sports club – a charter for parents

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Publications

Parents can use this leaflet to help choose the right club or activity for their child. It lists the safeguards that sports bodies should have in place to keep children safe.

Improving parent–coach relationships – strategies for coaches

Topics: Duty of care Trips, events and travel Parents in sport Type: Best practice

This guidance provides coaches with helpful strategies to follow to improve and manage potential issues between coaches and parents and build a good relationship.

How to improve parental involvement in your club – recommendations for coaches

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Best practice

This guidance (PDF) aims help coaches understand, support, and educate parents, helping to improve overall parental involvement and allowing children to have more enjoyable sporting experiences.

How can you get involved in your child's sports club?

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Best practice

Parental feedback, support and behaviour all play a vital role in a child's enjoyment and experience of sport. This guidance for parents provides tips for how to support and encourage your child and become positively involved in their sporting experience.

Promoting positive parental involvement – PowerPoint template

Topics: Parents in sport Trips, events and travel Community and school sports Type: Tools

A presentation template (in PowerPoint format) that you can show to parents to let them know how they can get positively involved in their child's sport. 

Top tips for getting parents involved in your club

Topics: Parents in sport Type: Publications

This A4 poster has been designed to reach out to coaches and clubs with top tips on how to get started when it comes to involving parents in sport.